Venture Capital | Providing personal commitment and a wide variety of connections within the Space Ecosystem

Venture Capital

You've worked diligently to find and back the most promising up and coming space related companies. These companies are filled with bright minds working on cutting edge technology. Do you want any of that focus shifted from the primary objective of advancing their product or service to navigating the bureaucracy of Federal acquisition?

Let Space Advisory Group do this heavy lifting!

Our end-to-end process includes

  • Initial assessment

    Our end-to-end process begins with an assessment of your company's eligibility for the numerous programs available.

  • Follow up

    We follow up your initial assessment with a session covering your company's capabilities and your goals.

  • Plan

    Then, we prepare a plan detailing paths forward and how and where Space Advisory Group would be advising and assisting throughout.

  • Service

    After agreeing on a way forward, Space Advisory Group provides a full set of services throughout the Pre and Post Award phases of the Federal acquisition process.

We accomplish many of the steps for you, again, allowing you to focus on your technology, not trying to navigate the bureaucracy.

Additional Services

Should your goals include:

  • Involvement in accelerator or incubator cohorts
  • Or introductions to large defense companies

Space Advisory Group has a wide variety of connections to make the right match for you.

We offer competitive pricing, complete focus on your business's success in the Space industry, and provides personal commitment and expertise to help you achieve your company's goals.

For an initial consultation and additional details on our services, please reach out to or