Space Advisory Group | Relationship expertise with for prime contractors

Traditional Defense Industry Companies

You have the knowledge and experience to field platforms and systems. You have great reputations and have gained the trust of Department of Defense, Intelligence community, and NASA personnel. You also know there's a push to do business differently, to accelerate the pace of fielding capability.

100% vertical integration in a company delivering platforms and systems is nearly impossible. Specializing in every component or technology isn't efficient or cost effective. While many of you have tech scouting functions and offices set up to seek partnerships, do any of you specialize in trying to advance a niche capability that falls outside your normal R&D programs?

What if you could take advantage of Federal programs to grow capability you need and possibly participate as well?

Let Space Advisory Group find companies working on your needs and help advance them to a point where they will contribute towards and enhance your programs.

Please reach out to or to discuss opportunities.